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The objective of this is to create an extensible framework to import export data between wikis from a rich UI. It includes converting and importing the data into Xwiki from various supported export formats of other wikis. Mostly it will be a batch import along with text, metadata, links, attachments etc. The export feature involves exporting the Xwiki data into syntax free formats like XML(XDOM).

This feature will be of  great help to Xwiki users who want to migrate their site from other wikis like Confluence, MediaWiki, JspWiki, Twiki ... to Xwiki with ease. 


  1. A Rich User Interface ( Wizard Approach)
  2. Supports Multiple Syntaxes. Confluence, Mediawiki, Twiki, Jspwiki, Creole etc..
  3. Customizable import. Preserve metadata, links to other pages, attachements and spaces. 
  4. Content Specific warnings in case of  issues with conversion of scripts or macros from one wiki to another.
  5. A complete step by step documentation for users on how to export the acceptable formats from other wikis and import the same into XWiki.



Input Type : Takes acceptable export formats as input and passes it to the respective parsers. It also takes other import settings like target space name, filters, preserve hierarchy and metadata.  

Parsers : Export type specific parsers takes all the input data along with import settings and create XDOM out of it. These make use of  the existing Syntax specific content parsers to get the job done.  

Customize Import : Customize the import by choosing the Spaces, macro transformations, attachments from the existing ones. In case of any errors during conversion in previous step warnings will be generated (Unable to parse the macro or some scripts) so that the user can respond to it and customize the way he wants which helps in a clean import process.

Xwiki Parser : Converts the XDOM to Xwiki Syntax 2.0 or native syntax and create the necessary files.

Final Import : The files created in the last step are used to import into the Xwiki space using public api.A brief summary of the import process will be shown.


Features Explained : MediaWiki Features


Features Explained : Confluence Features 

Import Export Blog

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