As the existing Wiki Importer ( GSOC PROJECT - SANDBOX  ) have few set backs in  architecture, i would like to make a proposal to modify and enhance to make it better.

Wiki Importer API

Wiki Importer:
It parses the data and returns a Wiki Abstraction.

  • import(List<InputStream> in)::Wiki takes the list of InputStreams like XML's, Zips etc which vary from Wiki to Wiki,parses the data to return a Abstract Wiki Model which can be used in import to XWiki.

For eg: In case of a MediaWiki XML dump, the xml files and zip file with attachments can be passed as a list of InputStreams.They are parsed one by one on demand and returned as a Wiki Model( MediaWiki ).


Wiki Model API

The revised Wiki Model API,every Wiki implements this Abstract Wiki Model API which adheres to XWiki standards.


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